Meet Jen Perelman, Candidate for Congress FL 23

Jen Perelman at a community event in FL 23

Jen Perelman is a life-long native Floridian, born and raised in North Miami beach, and is a hard-working mother of two. Residing in Davie with her husband, Dr. Jason Perelman, this second-generation daughter of the Sunshine State is looking to bring meaningful and long-lasting change for all people within her community.

Early Life & Value System

Jen Perelman was raised in a working-class family and instilled with working-class values. The most important lesson her parents taught her was the meaning and value of the word ‘integrity’. Her father would always impress upon her the value of one’s word, and the true weight of a promise made. After all, as he was always so keen to remind, “if your word doesn’t mean anything, then you have NOTHING.”

Jen Perelman with Senator Nina Turner, Co Chair of Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign

Beyond simply teaching their daughter the value of ethics and honesty of intent, Jen Perelman’s
parents also wanted to make sure that she truly knew her local community. Jen Perelman’s own mother had never truly gotten the opportunity to develop roots of her own, having been bounced around between over a dozen different schools in her youth, and she was going to be certain that her daughter had the most consistent, socially-conducive upbringing possible. And so, Jen was enrolled into public school from her Kindergarten year all the way through to her high school graduation, and due to those efforts, Jen was able to grow up knowing true companionship, building life-long relationships, and indeed, forming friendships that have even lasted to this very day.

Along with the good times, there were of course a handful of bad ones along the way. To this day Jen can tell stories about the afternoon where some childish antics earned her the classic chalkboard punishment, scratching out line after line of apologies for some adolescent misadventure or another. Menial though that punishment might have been, it did teach Jen a lesson in accountability, and that her actions have consequences. Over forty years later, Jen still hasn’t forgotten that time spent at the blackboard, nor has she forgotten the value of proper conduct and decorum.

Jen Perelman canvassing FL 23 district

Later Life

Throughout her career, Jen Perelman has always been a champion of the everyman, fighting for those whom the law fails to protect. Guided by iron-clad principals, she seeks to uphold the values of honesty, integrity, equality, and community unity in every aspect of her personal and professional life, whether that means helping women gain authority over their own bodies and reproductive rights or sitting as co-chair of the Juvenile Justice Committee for the Broward League of Women Voters, working pro bono to restore the voting rights of disenfranchised citizens in our local community. Knowing that one bad event does not make a bad individual, Jen Perelman even does work for the Probation Station to help transition reformed offenders back into the community with safety and stability.

Why Is Jen Perelman Running For Congress?

Jen believes that congressional representation is a term of public service, not a decades-long career of entrenchment on Capitol Hill. As such, Jen’s campaign is based on public service, which she hopes will set a precedent around the country of putting one’s office before oneself. Whether connecting with Vets at a VA hospital, delivering food to public schools through a local mobile pantry, planting community gardens, or providing assistance to seniors with transportation and the like, Jen’s team will be there working to make our community a better place for all who inhabit it.

Here are a few of the policies that Jen Perelman supports:

  1. Ending federal programs that provide military equipment to local police officers, ending the federal prohibition on marijuana, and abolishing for-profit prisons. Jen’s opponent, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, is the second-largest recipient of Police PAC funds amongst Democratic representatives.
  2. Medicare For All, Jen’s opponent, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, takes millions of dollars in campaign contributions from the private insurance industry.
  3. Green New Deal because, as a Floridian, Jen Perelman is intimately familiar with the environmental impacts of rising sea levels amidst climate change. Jen Perelman’s opponent, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, has accepted $193,850 from the Big Sugar industry, which is one of the largest polluters in the state.
  4. Affordable housing
  5. Student Debt Forgiveness and Free Public Education

To check Jen’s full platform, go HERE.

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